Our Products

A.C Drives

Variable speed drives Altivar 12

Altivar 212 variable speed drives

Variable speed drives Altivar Easy 310

Variable speed drives Altivar Machine ATV320

Altivar Machine ATV340

Variable speed drives Altivar Easy 610

Altivar Process ATV600

Altivar Process ATV900


Easy Harmony ET6

Harmony ST6

Harmony GTO

Easy Harmony GXU

Harmony SCU

Harmony STO and STU

Harmony iPC


Modicon Easy M100

Easy Modicon M200

M171-M172 for HVAC

Modicon M221

Modicon M241

Modicon M262

Modicon TM3 IO CARDS

Modicon M340

Modicon M580

Power Supply

Easy Modicon ABL2

Modicon Power Supply


Easy Series Automation and Control Essentials Catalog

Servo Drivers

Lexium 16 servo drives & BCH16 servo motors

Motion control Lexium Easy 26

Lexium 28 servo drives and BCH2 servo motors

Lexium 32 servo drives, BMH and BSH motors

Lexium 52 stand-alone servo drive

Modicon LMC058

Soft Starters

Altistart 01 soft starters

Soft starters Altistart 22

Altivar Soft Starter ATS480

Telemecanique Sensors

Catalogue Sensors limit switches and pressure switches. Easy Series